Five Great Android Applications You Can’t Miss Out At A Company Journey

Five Fantastic Android Applications You Can’t Miss Out At A Business Journey

If you’re still drinking bottled water instead of using a filter to save money, then you should probably switch from that natural spring stuff to drinking distilled water. Why? Let us explain.

Virtual Wi-Fi: This is a cool feature that essentially turns your PC into a software-based router. Other computers, laptops, even tablets that are within range and are Wi-Fi enabled will recognize a new network, and can share your internet connection.

Do not count the Samsung Galaxy Y just yet. Despite its modest hardware, it is powered by Android’s smartphone-optimized operating system. It is powered by Gingerbread. This iteration of Android is known for boosting performance despite the meager hardware on a mobile phone. In addition to boosting performance, it will also allow the youth to download fun apps from the Android Market. With its Gingerbread virtual keyboard, it will allow teens to enjoy more from IMs and SMS. Best of all, it is more energy efficient. This will allow the youth to chat and send text messages without draining the Samsung Galaxy Y’s battery.

4) If you must use your electronic gear and do not want it stolen, then you are going to have to stop using it as the bus or train begins to slow down. Look up at the faces of the people within 5 – 6 feet of you, it sends a message to any would be thief that you are paying attention. They would rather you keep your head down looking at your, or laptop.

The HTC Titan has a high quality 8 megapixel camera which is capable of producing very pleasing still images and capturing 720p high definition video footage. The camera comes equipped with all the usual extras such as autofocus and LED flash as well as geo-tagging. There is also a secondary 1.3MP camera located on the front of the phone which can be utilised for video calls and self portrait photos.

As for calling purposes, the Sony Ericsson G700 really does well. Voices are always clear from both ends. The reception is quite good. Saving contact information is very easy as well.

Looking at these features and capabilities, you can clearly see the many things you can do on these smartphones. The Nokia E7 and N8 are the most powerful handsets Nokia technology has to offer.